What does No Passes/No Coupons mean?

This is an industry wide standard that restricts us from accepting passes or coupons on certain movies. (Usually for the first week of a new release movie) Passes refer to our “One Admission Free” card and our “Loyalty” card, and coupons refer to the Buy One Ticket Get One Free coupon found in several fund raiser coupon booklets.

What is your Loyalty Card and how can I get one?

Loyalty cards are given away for free at our box office and concession stand. For every movie ticket purchased our employee will stamp the card (Max 4 stamps per day). After the fifth stamp the card may be presented at the concession stand to receive a free small popcorn. After the tenth stamp the card may be turned in at the box office to receive a free movie ticket. The free movie ticket must be for a movie that is not pass restricted, our pass restricted movies are denoted on the show times posted on our website, newspaper ad and our phone recording.

What is the 3D Surcharge and how much is it?

Times Square Cinema No Longer Charges Extra for 3D.

What does VIP Theater mean?

Any show time indicated as VIP Theater means that movie at that time is showing in our VIP Theater which features over-sized reclining leather seating. There is NO EXTRA CHARGE to watch a movie in this theater.

Can I buy movie tickets now for a show time later in the week?

Yes. Once our show times are posted, you can purchase tickets for any show time during the posted time frame. Tickets may be purchased in advance from our box office, ticketing kiosk or our website.

What age is considered a Child/Senior/Adult and what are the ticket prices?

Before Noon:   Children (3-11), Adults(12-53) and Seniors (54+) $5.00

Before 6pm:  Children (3-11), Adults(12-53) and Seniors (54+) $5.75

Regular Prices:    Children: (3-11) $6.25  |   Adult: (12-53) $8.25  |  Seniors (54+): $6.25

Student Prices:  Student with ID $6.25

Young Children:   2 years of age or younger are free of charge

NO 3D SURCHARGE – All Prices Exclude Texas State Sales Tax

Does you theater offer a Student Discount on tickets?

Yes. Student discounts are available for show times after 6:00 PM, tickets cost $6.25 (plus tax). To receive the discount, a photo student I.D. card that is valid for the current year/semester must be presented at the time of purchase.

Does your Theater offer a Matinee discount?

Yes. Matinee show times are any show times before 6:00 PM and are available every day. Tickets are $5.75 (plus tax) per person regardless of age. (Children 2 years of age or younger are free of charge.) Bargain Matinee show times are any show times before 12:00 PM and are available every day. Tickets are $5.00 (plus tax) per person regardless of age. (Children 2 years of age or younger are free of charge)

Do you sell Gift Certificates?

Yes. We sell a debit-style swipe card that can have any dollar amount placed on it and we have a $25.00 Gift Certificate that includes 2 Movie Tickets, 2 Medium Drinks and 2 Medium Popcorns (purchased individually these items would total to over $30.00.) You can also buy Gift Certificates online.

Is your theater wheelchair accessible?

Yes. Every theater has wheelchair accessible seating and our restroom facilities have wheelchair accessible stalls.

Is your theater equipped for the hearing impaired?

Yes. We have all new state of the art personal headphones that can either make the movie volume louder or narrate the movie for those who cannot see the screen, we also have all new personal closed captioning equipment that will bring the closed caption just were you only can see. All these items available upon request.

How do I apply for a job with Times Square Cinema?

Job applications may be picked up at our concession stand and may be turned in to any manager on duty. You can also apply online.

What type of oil do you use to pop your popcorn?

We use 100% Coconut Oil.