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There will be a $1.00 convenience charge added per ticket.

All 11:55 shows will start at, or shortly after midnight.

News & Promotions

  • VIP Theater
    Any show time indicated as VIP Theater means that movie at that..
  • Gourmet Popcorn
    Now Offering Gourmet Popcorn!
  • Dr. Pepper
    Proudly Serving Dr. Pepper!
  • No Commercials
    You don't have to sit through commercials!
  • Student Discount
    Student discounts are available for show times after 6:00 PM, tickets cost $6.50. To receive the dis..
  • Senior Discount
    Senior is ages 54 and up - $6.00 Tickets for show times after Noon.
  • Bargain Matinee
    Show times before Noon, available every day, tickets are $5.00 per person regardless of age. (Child..
  • Popcorn Bucket and Movie Cup
    2015 Large Movie Bucket – $15.00 w/ $2.50 Refills 2015 Movie Cup – $12.00 w/ $2.00 Refills
  • Wacky Wednesday
    All Popcorn Discounted on Wednesdays Mini-$1.00 Small-$1.75 Medium- $2.50 Large w/ Free Refills-..
  • Loyalty Card
    With the purchase of every ticket (limit 4 stamps per day) we will stamp your card. After 5 stamps y..

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